We enter phase B

Project APTAS ‘s timeline follows the ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) standard ECSS-M-ST-10C for space missions. This means that the project is divided into different phases with different work packages for each phase that ends with a review. The beginning phase, phase 0, was all about building a stable foundation and make a mission analysis. Just before Christmas we had the review for phase A, Preliminary Requirements Review. During this phase we analyzed a lot of concepts regarding the mission and took a look into the feasibility. This week we have entered a phase that we look very much forward to: Preliminary design. The design of the satellite will finally start to take form.

Phase 0: Mission analysis (Mission Definition Review)
Phase A: Feasibility study (Preliminary Requirements Review)
Phase B: Preliminary design (Systems Requirements Review and Preliminary Design Review)
Phase C: Detailed design (Critical Design Review)
Phase D: Production and qualification (Qualification Review, Acceptance Review and Operational Readiness Review)
Phase E: Operation (Flight Readiness Review, Launch Readiness Review, Commissioning Result Review and End-of-Life Review)

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