ESA conference about concurrent engineering

Yesterday we had two in our management, Axel Widenfelt and Jimmy Gustavsson, talk at SECESA. A conference held by ESA, the European Space Agency, about concurrent engineering. They talked about how project APTAS came to be, how it’s managed and how we use concurrent engineering to build our satellite.

After the conference, Jimmy says:“It was very exciting to get the opportunity to speak about APTAS at a conference with so many great engineers. Talking at ESA has been a dream for both of us for many years. Just when we were about to start my heart sure was pounding, but we had put effort into this talk and directly after the first sentence the heart started to slow down. During the questions at the end of the talk it almost felt like a couch conversation. A great experience I won’t forget.”

We are very grateful to ESA for letting us be a part of the conference!

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