Finnish Satellite Workshop 2020

The project managers Theresia and Martin traveled to Helsinki in Finland this week together with their supervisors to attend the Finnish Satellite Workshop at Aalto University. This is an yearly event with over 500 participants with a program filled with presentations, networking and learning opportunities.

For Project APTAS, this was an opportunity to be able to talk face to face to several of the component suppliers and launch brokers that we have been talking to just via e-mail before as well as explore new companies. This was the first experience for the team at an event like this and a great opportunity to get familiar with the whole satellite network.

During the Tuesday Theresia and Martin got the chance to hold a presentation at the big stage about the project. A lot of good questions and tips came from the audience afterwards.

Before leaving the workshop, the team got to see Aalto University’s own CubeSat lab. A lot of inspiration for our own NanoSat lab that APTAS are using. The tour ended with a look at their ground station and the antennas on the roof.

We are taking with us a lot of inspiration from these couple of days and are looking forward to the upcoming time for the project. Let’s build a satellite!

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