ESA conference about concurrent engineering

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Yesterday we had two in our management, Axel Widenfelt and Jimmy Gustavsson, talk at SECESA. A conference held by ESA, the European Space Agency, about concurrent engineering. They talked about how project APTAS came to be, how it’s managed and how we use concurrent engineering to build our satellite. After the conference, Jimmy says:“It was […]

Back at campus

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We are back! After way to many months away from campus due to Covid-19, we are now aloud to be back at Space Campus. The first week is going by fast! This Monday we got to present our project to the new international SpaceMaster-students that have arrived to Kiruna. We are recruiting at the moment […]

Distance mode active

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Just as many other people during these uncertain Corona times, Project APTAS is also conducting distance mode. All universities in Sweden are having their education on distance and thereby we are doing the same. We have all of our meetings and working sessions online from home, which works fine for this phase we are in […]

Finnish Satellite Workshop 2020

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The project managers Theresia and Martin traveled to Helsinki in Finland this week together with their supervisors to attend the Finnish Satellite Workshop at Aalto University. This is an yearly event with over 500 participants with a program filled with presentations, networking and learning opportunities. For Project APTAS, this was an opportunity to be able […]

We enter phase B

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Project APTAS ‘s timeline follows the ECSS (European Cooperation for Space Standardization) standard ECSS-M-ST-10C for space missions. This means that the project is divided into different phases with different work packages for each phase that ends with a review. The beginning phase, phase 0, was all about building a stable foundation and make a mission […]

This is Project APTAS

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Project APTAS, Atmospheric Polar Transmission Alignment Satellite, is a student project at Luleå University of Technology, with the goal to design, build, launch and operate a CubeSat. The team consists of 14 members which all are students at the space engineering program at LTU. A project like this has never been done from LTU before, […]