This is Project A.P.T.A.S.

The Arctic CubeSat - a project designed and built by space engineering students in Northern Sweden.

Launching no earlier than

Q2 2022


What is A.P.T.A.S.?

APTAS - Atmospheric Polar Transmission Alignment Satellite - is the first student CubeSat developed at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. The goal is to design, build, test and operate a 1 U CubeSat for scientific and educational purposes whilst paving the way for future generations of students who want to develop their own CubeSats.



A RF transmitter to be used for calibration of the planned EISCAT 3D research project, a new phased-array antenna system located in northern Sweden, Norway and Finland.



A nadir pointing camera working in the visible range, looking to provide images of Earth’s surface to be used in research on glaciers and local albedo.

  • Phase 0

    Mission Analysis

  • Phase A

    Feasibility Study

  • Phase B

    Preliminary Design

  • Phase C

    Detailed Design

  • Phase D

    Production and qualification

  • Phase E


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Electronics 11 May 2021

In Electronics Design we are assembling and testing the ECAT, Umbilical and Step-up qualification boards in order to proceed to the integration process.

Communications 11 May 2021

We are developing the radio link between the satellite and the ground station. The team is working on the software that will enable transmission of telecommands as well as the hardware that will control switching between equipment to receive and trasmit.

POWER 11 May 2021

We are testing out the Electrical Power Supply and solar panels for the CubeSat. To make sure EPS distributes the power needed for all other power consuming subsystems and operates safely in all modes. And validating the necessary power is being delived to EPS from the solar panels.

OBDH 11 May 2021

We are writing software for the on-board computer, drivers for external components and performing tests.

Science 11 May 2021

We are developing some really cool image processing frameworks for scientific rersearch to be used on the images from the optical payload.

Mechanical 11 May 2021

We are ensuring that A.P.T.A.S. is qualified for launch. This includes running mechanical load tests, thermal tests and out-gassing testing.

ADCS 11 May 2021

We are finalising the Kalman Filter for the attitude determination and simulate it to figure out the attitude error throughout the mission. We are also working on LQR controller for the Nadir pointing process.

Management Team

Meet the Management Team

Juho Piiroinen

Linn Friis-Liby

Jimmy Gustavsson

SysEngineering Team

Meet the SysEngineering Team

Jimmy Gustavsson

Edvin Lindkvist

Science Team

Meet the Science Team

Richard Johansson

Linn Friis-Liby

Tamina Lund

Lasse Blana

Software Team

Meet the Software Team

Jimmy Gustavsson

Lasse Blana

Edvin Lindkvist

Communications Team

Meet the Communications Team

Robin Drevet

Antoni Eritja Olivella

C. David Echeverry Valencia

Árni Þór Þorgeirsson

Gabriel Hillertz

Mrunmayee Maheshkumar Sonna

Mechanical Team

Meet the Mechanical Team

Iqbal Grewal

Gabrielle Witt

Kyle Mayer

Dajana Posavcic

Electronics Design Team

Meet the Electronics Design Team

Mrunmayee Maheshkumar Sonna


Meet the ADCS Team

Vidhan Vohra

Fadel Chams

Vincent Pujau

Catalin-Daniel Neagu

Casper Liavåg

Íñigo de Loyola Chacartegui Rojo

Power Team

Meet the Power Team

Akash Raja Meghavath


Meet the Alumni

Caio Sempronio

Mirko Viviano

Carlos Sarille Cadenas

Matias Rittatore Texeira

Johannes Jensen

Sorcha Mac Manamon

Carmen Fuentes Soria

Måns Arildsson

Jonas Hoffmeister

Naimish Jagani

Tim Magnusson

Gabriel Sánchez

Antonia Grethen-Bußmann

Martin Elfvelin